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We’re friends, crew, and followers of The Radzone.  Looking for stuff, learning stuff, doing stuff, and lots of other fun stuff.  Right now were are using this site for what else? – testing!  But do check back and see if anything real and permanent comes alive. Plus it will be an added bonus for us to have some real hits within the site so we can track to see if all the back-end services are running correctly. Thanks for stopping by!

A personal challenge – Dynamic Resistance…

bruce leeI’ve been thinking a lot lately about personal challenges.  Challenges that make you go the extra mile.  Those challenges that push your personal limits.  But I’ve always wondered what does that really mean?  Challenges to your body, challenges to the mind or just personal challenges to push you one step further?   I’m determined to find out more what that means.  I’ve heard about those who take a plunge to learn a new habit or to loose one – pick up a new hobby or just to learn to be a better person.  I like them all, but I’m determined to make one of my first ones obtainable.  That’s why I chose to get more in shape by utilizing  the technique of ” Dynamic Resistance”.  It’s kind of like getting in shape without weights.  It sounds kind-of-funny, but I think it really works. more

It’s your thing, do what you want to do –

American Flagcause I can’t tell you – who to sock it too!  For those who still wrestle with choices others make, remember, it’s their thing, not yours.

  • Don’t like gay marriage – Don’t get one.
  • Don’t like cigarettes – Don’t smoke one.
  • Don’t like abortions – Don’t get one.
  • Don’t like sex – Don’t do it.
  • Don’t like drugs – Don’t do them.
  • Don’t like porn – Don’t watch it.
  • Don’t like alcohol – Don’t drink it.
  • Don’t like guns – Don’t buy one.


It’s never easy putting your family pet “down” – It hurts.

Jack Russel TerrierYes, it is never easy having to put a family pet down.  It’s bound to happen just because we live way longer than most pets do and this was no exception.  But I was totally taken by surprise at the level of emotions I had simply because… she wasn’t my dog.  “Frenchy” (Jack Russell Terrier) was my neighbor’s dog, a very important member of their family, but not mine.  Frenchy and I had a long-standing feud going, she would see me and bark to no end and when she would notice that I wasn’t around, she would come over and crap in front of my gate.  It went on forever.   I couldn’t stand her and she couldn’t stand me. That’s OK, deep down inside of both of us we realized we loved each other.  I guess what really took me by surprise was when I received more


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