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We’re friends, crew, and followers of The Radzone.  Looking for stuff, learning stuff, doing stuff, and lots of other fun stuff (and some not so fun).  Right now were are using this site for what else? – testing!  But do check back and see if anything real and permanent comes alive. Plus it will be an added bonus for us to have some real hits within the site so we can track to see if all the back-end services are running correctly. Thanks for stopping by!

This Isn’t Your Moms Mini-Van – Cool Stuff We Need.

toyota uuvLong gone are the days when driving a mini-van wasn’t cool.  Back when, you were the Mom or whipped Dad hauling the kids around to school, practice or just to the store in a shoebox with wheels that looked like an overgrown loaf of Wonder bread.  In not the too distant future, this will change.  A Toyota Sienna with an attitude has surfaced. Though it’s only a prototype more

F, M, G – Which one(s) Do You Get From Your Job?

fun, money, growth

fun, money, growth

FMG is something I heard about many years ago from a much wiser and much older person than me.  It’s a simple way to check your overall job satisfaction.  Whether it be your current position, location or company – if you are not achieving at least one of those letters on a daily basis then it’s time to move on.  The acronym “FMG” stands for Fun, Money, and Growth.  In an ideal situation, you’re getting all three, all the time – Fun, Money, and Growth.  What more could you ask for in a job?  If you’re just getting two of those there’s still a way to pick up the last one.  So you’re not doing too bad.  On the other hand, if you are only receiving one of those then it’s time to start thinking and planning an exit strategy to go somewhere better.  And if you are in a position more

I Don’t Want A Bucket List

mt-fuji-viewYeah sure, I like the overall concept of the Bucket List, I’m just not sure I want to think about death every time I look at the list.  A Bucket List is also tied to being terminally ill.  Another thing I don’t wish to think about.  Heaven forbid anyone else needs to think about it too.  I think I would rather call it something along the lines of a”Life List”.  Something which you could celebrate life with knowing every task or adventure you tackle, you are living life to the fullest – A positive thought.  If you are comfortable labeling it a Bucket List, then go for it.  I just prefer a more positive approach.

I have been thinking about putting a list more


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